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1) What Jobs do you have at 75+? What race is your character?

2) What sub jobs do you have?

3) Of these jobs, which ones do you have well geared?

4) What times of the day and week can you be available to play?

5) Sea/Sky/Salvage/ToAU complete?

6) Can you and will you use Ventrillo?

7)Do you play on Xbox, Playstation, or PC?

8 ) Do you have any high level crafts?

9) tell us a cool story about yourself.

10) How old Are you?

11) Will you be able to drop anything your doing when an event comes up?

12) Will you be able to tolerate, random shit talking or people giving you shit when you fuck up or something in around those lines?

13) Do you/will you have any LS asides us? (Yes or No)

[If answered Yes, Will the events be near or at the same time as ours]

(Yes or No)

14) If a job thats needed on the event and you come something else, will you complain, if asked the required job at the time?

15) Why did you choose to apply for iFlail?

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