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Hello, And welcome to iFlail LS, here are some rules to follow!.

Linkshell rule's & Information

This linkshell rule will be plain and very very simple….

1: You must follow leaders order's. Respect leaders and your linkshell mates to a certain level.. Sure you can give him shit, call him a "sand nigger"or whatever, but if you know your gonna offend that person to a personal level, you better drop it…

2: If you want a drop from Omega
You must have the requiered points to bid on them. Some pieces are worth than other obviously, so for example, if you want

Homam Cosciales, bid for these will be let's say 50 points, you can't start bidding under 50 points, only 50 and foward!.

3: No bitching about drops because someone else got something will be allowed, We will not tolerate any arguing or anything over an item, if you didn't get that omega/ultima you can get the next.. No bitching…

4: 0Emoness… This doesn't need to be explained.

5: You must attend to every Limbus/Abyssea NM and other events while you're online, taking linkshell off or skipping an event will result in a break link shell no questions asked…

6: All Money items will be looted by The Highest ranked officer on the event… Money items will be sold, and used to sponsor salvage bodies, and also Doing LS pay out every month!. Now this process will not be started until we have every event up and going…

That's it for the rules that needed to be mentioned…

Frequently asked question:

Can a person loot Homam pieces if the job is 70-74?
No must be 75 to be able to be called for a piece.. If you deleveled, it's not our problem, might wanna get that buffer b4 we do events..

How will Sacks decide/handle drops?

Easy, a sack/officer, will call in bids before we go inside the bc or start the fight whatever the event is, If you have the points you can bid on it.

Can a person bid for two drop in a row?

No, a person call only bid on 1 item each event…

Aside's Abyssea- NMs and Limbus, what is our goal as a Linkshell?

I intend to make this Linkshell into a Actual EndGame ls, asides Ground Kings, atleast not for now….
Once we have enough people we can start doing Small man Dynamis and Einherjar, we'll also try to expand more and do t4 ZNM/VNMs… I don't intend to have more than 18 people in this LS nor less than 8.. Seeing as i rly want to small man stuff… Obviously Dynamis/Einherjar with 8 is a no go… So 18 people would be nice, 18 members who know what the fuck they're doing…

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